Orbi Mesh wifi

Reimagining what WiFi can be

In the last 25 years, WiFi has evolved from a luxury to an everyday utility. As the most advanced mesh WiFi system on the market, we knew that NETGEAR’s Orbi could not play on the same field as its competitors.

To separate it from the pack, we created a campaign targeting high-net-worth individuals, elevating Orbi from a simple utility to a scintillating object of desire.

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/ Branding Strategy

A class above

What if there was WiFi so good, it could become luxurious again? To reposition Orbi, we strategically reimagined what whole-home mesh WiFi could be for high-net-worth families: smart connected homes, indoor and outdoor entertainment, next-level automation, real-time security, and so much more. In doing so, we were able to transform Orbi from a utilitarian tech purchase to a high-end lifestyle cornerstone.

/ Messaging & Visuals

Speaking the language of luxury

To move from average to premium, we knew Orbi’s language and visuals needed to completely break the mold. Using the capabilities of Humdinger 3D, we created stunning ultra-premium environments as a backdrop for sophisticated typography and arresting copy that spoke to an audience for whom cost was no object.

/ The Outcome

A new era of premium WiFi

Elevating Orbi to a high-end lifestyle cornerstone proved to be a key play for NETGEAR, who saw tremendous increases in average order value, high-dollar sales, and web traffic to all Orbi pages in the year since the launch.

+82% YoY

awareness & engagement

+42% YoY

average order value


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