Elevating art in a stunning piece of technology.

Celebrating the fact that Meural is now “Powered by NETGEAR”, we lifted the brand system to speak to a premium, affluent art enthusiast market.

We worked to bring awareness to its brand, product, and category by creating a luxurious, timeless brand that strikes an emotional connection with its audience.

/ visual identity

A brand praised by Michelangelo himself.

This new visual language incorporated elements from the legacy brand, including their well-loved logo: the letter “M” in the shape of a painter’s palette while a hand drawn type face lends to the authenticity of the brand.  By adding variety in the line thickness, we were able to add an organic element while maintaining a luxurious feel. To complete the look, we paired Meural’s new mark with a color palette filled with bronze hues, trading purple for a more refined palette .

meural brand guideline
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/ Details matter

Exceptionally beautiful 3D environments.

We created everything from frame finishes rendered to metallic packaging to environments showcasing the Meural Canvas in a variety of homes. The only thing is, we never had to visit a single home… it was all produced using 3D.

The ease, flexibility and exceptional realism of Humdinger 3D allowed us to create a multitude of environments in a variety of different interior styles to which we could place the frame. Highlighting a a large swatch of applications without dealing with the heavy costs of several photoshoots in multitude of locations.


Subtle accents make the difference.

Bronze was tastefully added to both the hardware and software, in places like the app icon and button fills. The secondary type, Cadillac, is introduced in article titles and art libraries no matter which digital platform the Meural brand appears on.