Illuminating innovative smart bulbs.

In an extremely cluttered market space, with often foreign features and benefits, we decided to break the mold when creating Ilumi’s first ever brand campaign. We ditched the triste, unrealistic pitch and lifeless mansions—opting instead for an imaginative, lighthearted campaign that’s as entertaining as it is educational.

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/ The Concept

Going Galactic

We based the campaign on the most powerful, beautiful, brilliant thing in the universe: the galaxy. Taking a truly unique, artistic approach to light and space, we spent a week in our studio tossing powered paints to achieve the perfect faux nebula. We then spent the following week creating conceptual art from our brightly colored boogers.

Creative photography showing yellow smoke
Creative work showing red smoke
/ creative visuals

Kicking butt on Kickstarter.

Rather than approaching the crowdfunding community with the usual tech-heavy, rose-colored lens story, we wanted to focus on the real, meaningful improvements Ilumi creates for the average Joe. We flipped the script and showed how Ilumi helps enhance your life, improve your sleep, complement your mood, connect your whole home, and so much more…Simply. So, you can spend more time enjoying it, rather than figuring out another newfangled tech product.







Cool box, bro.

From the ground up, we designed every element of the campaign to bring their personality, confidence and wit to life. It started with the box—and it had to be radically different than anything else out there.

/ 3D Environments

3D Wunderland

Instead of using stereotypical static photography, we created 3D renderings to bring the bulbs to life in multiple home environments, including their product packaging.

In doing so, we were able to easily show how the bulbs worked throughout certain portions of the day, and light the rooms however needed, whenever needed. This allowed us complete flexibility without additional budget-blowing shoots.