Sparking a record-breaking launch campaign.

From day one, Astropad tapped Humdinger to tell their story to the world. Simply put, our mission was to make foreign technology familiar.

Our idea? Bring in real artists and creatives to showcase the beauty, power and function of the app in an aspirational yet true-to-life way.

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/ execution

All in the details

We lent a hand in refining their iOS app interface, creating new content for, and of course, making beautiful, aspirational videos that showcase the power, beauty and function of the app in a true-to-life feel.

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A new essential

The results were clear immediately: Astropad is a new essential for professional creatives and novices alike. So now you don’t have to be a tech all-star like the creators of Astropad to understand how to create with Astropad.

“Humdinger is a crucial partner for Astropad.

They were able to concisely explain what Astropad is and why our customers would love it, which catapult our brand immediately launch; leading to over 400,000 video views and 80,000 app downloads in a few short months. They will always be a key part of our marketing efforts.”

/ Matt Ronge Co-Founder, Astropad