The Little Things

We're always in search of creative problems to solve.

And in this day in age, complex creative problems arrive for nearly any company running a modern day business. Problems that shouldn't be fixed with a subjective opinion or a lucky guess. We've built Humdinger's foundation to specifically team with pioneering businesses to help solve these problems.

Old school gumption. New school knowledge.

This is the credo we live by. Our prideful way of encapsulating our egoless, hard-working culture and creative capabilities. What’s more, we seek clients and partners who are passionate about leaving a lasting, distinct and positive mark on whatever they set out to achieve. Call us simpletons, but we’re firm believers that good partners make great outcomes.

Experience is everything.

Humdinger & Sons is a new breed of creative company, built from scratch from ad veterans to develop enduring brands, captivating creative and innovative experiences that pioneering companies crave. We help our partners outwit and outpace others in today’s ever-changing, multi-platform landscape, driving not only top-line brand awareness but also bottom-line revenues.

From startups to standouts.

Our team has been involved in some of the most groundbreaking creative campaigns across the globe, and our appetite to push boundaries and break through standard trends sets us apart. We’ve taken this expertise and formed a creative agency that has helped launch countless successful startups and rejuvenated some of the world’s largest brands.

We’re small, versatile, and nimble by design.

We produce more with less and offer a wide, laser-focused range of skills. We marry art, copy, technology, and motion; constantly identifying unique, new techniques and approaches to advance our ideas and effectiveness.

A refreshing approach.

Our founders built their careers at some of the world’s most prestigious agencies in San Francisco and New York. Or, as nobody says, New Francisco. Over the years, they’ve seen what works and, unfortunately, what doesn’t. At Humdinger, we buck the system, cut the bloated structures and archaic processes and act like an augmentation of your team, allowing us to all work better, hand-in-hand to forward innovative ideas and fast-track projects to success.

The people who make the magic happen.

We’re a tight-knit group of creative, tech enthusiasts
with a pinch of humor and tablespoon of wit.

Interested in joining the team?

We’re in need of some key individuals to help us keep growing. Even if you don’t see an opening below, we are always looking for fine people we can partner up with on a freelance or contract basis. So, if you like what you see, and perhaps we may say the same, giddyup. Go ahead and send us an electronic mail to

We’re currently looking to fill the following positions…

Digital Designer

Nicolas Will

Founder & CCO

A highly decorated veteran of the internet advertising wars, this semi-young man has been entrenched in the world of all things digital for the past two decades. But after years of free world travel and countless dinners, he was fed up with watching agencies throw their clients’ money around more liberally than a frisbee at Burning Man. Thus, he founded Humdinger & Sons.

In his former big ad shop glory days, Will was a multi-award winning digital creative director who spent the majority of his career in San Francisco, Seattle and New York at the likes of AKQA, Dolby Laboratories, OLSON, Wexley School for Girls, and Yarnell Will, the shop he co-founded and merged with Olson in 2007 in San Francisco. His accolades include: coming up with a new brand for Belize (the country); co-creating Lebron James’ first Nike website, the Chamber of Fear; and leading creative advertising for several Fortune 500 companies, including Target, Capital One and Dolby Labs.
His free time is spent building homes, computers and yelling at other people’s dogs.

Having built his career hustling in NYC’s concrete jungle at Ogilvy & Mather and AKQA, Andrew brings a truly holistic perspective to the table while being the sole ginger of Humdinger. From big brand strategy and traditional marketing to pioneering new experiences online, his knowledge is uniquely eclectic.

In his former big ad shop glory days, Berg was deeply entrenched in the American Express and Google accounts. He played a key role in establishing American Express’ new enterprise-wide strategic vision and creative platform that’s currently working to transform the brand image, disrupt perceptions, drive reappraisal and scale. At AKQA, Andrew led the team across all Google efforts, including Google Play, Nexus, Google in Education, Creative Sandbox, Google Green and Google TV.

As co-founder of Humdinger and Sons, Andrew leads all client relations, brand strategy, project management, and janitorial services.